Water Connection Kit


Compatible with X8 and XS90. The GIGA X7 and GIGA W3 Professional models require an altered water tank. These espresso machine water line kits will not fit on models designed for the home.

Water hardness cannot exceed 3 grains per gallon or 50 ppm. If water hardness exceeds 3 grains per gallon a water softener must be installed. Minimum incoming water flow rate of 0.5 GPM and maximum line pressure of 36 PSI / 2.5 BAR. This item must be installed by a licensed plumber or contractor . External water filtration is also required, but some water hardness is required.


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Topping up the water tank can become a real chore if large numbers of specialty coffees are dispensed every day.  For the X8 and XS90 JURA offers a specially designed fresh water kit. If required, this fills the water tank with fresh mains water automatically to ensure a constant supply of perfect coffee. Thanks to the high-quality design, the fresh water kit – which must first be installed by a specialist – can then be removed and reconnected by anyone.

Convenient and time-saving
If 30 or more specialty coffees are being prepared every day at a fixed location, it is advisable to use a permanent water connection. This saves time and allows the beverages to be prepared without interruption.

Discreet and user-friendly
The fresh water kit is easy to fit and simple to operate. Because it can be fully integrated in the coffee machine, it requires no extra space.

For use with the following JURA models only:

  • X8
  • XS90

Please note: When utilizing the fresh water connection kit, you must still either use a filter in the water tank or descale the water tank using JURA Maintenance Supplies.

Model Number    24181UL


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