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10 Bean Blend


The 10 Bean Blend is an intense espresso roast that is smoky and bold, perfect for a strong espresso.

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The 10 Bean Blend is our intense espresso roast, combining coffee from three different regions: Indonesia, Brazil and India. The dark roasted Brazilian Mogiana beans give the taste of roasted nuts and brown sugar. The Colombian Antioquia coffee brings flavors of dark chocolate and slight spices. To increase the spiciness, we added coffee from Ethiopia Guji. Finally, from the Sumatra Highlands, the Indonesian beans are smoky and earthy with a syrupy mouth feel. This full-bodied blend is perfect for espresso or any milk specialty.

Tasting notes: roasted grain, caramelized brown sugar, cocoa

100% Arabica coffee

Bean-to-Cup Coffee is micro roasted in small batches in Brooklyn, New York. Each bag contains one pound (454 g) of whole coffee beans.

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