Authorized Resellers

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Authorized Resellers

In order to protect the integrity of our products and to make sure that you will get your products complete and as promised by us, JURA Inc. sell through authorized retailers only. All stores and websites listed in our directory are authorized to sell JURA Inc. products. ATTENTION: If you intend to buy from any other retailer, it is possible that you might lose any or all of your JURA Inc. warranty privileges. You can always contact us before your purchase to make sure you buy from an authorized JURA Inc. retailer ( Just give us the company name, address and telephone number of the retailer you intend to make your purchase from. 

Non - Authorized Resellers

If you buy a new or used JURA Inc. product from a non-authorized reseller, you will automatically forfeit your warranty protection. If the product was in any way altered by the seller, JURA Inc. is not responsible for any damages. Non-authorized resellers include:

  • Any seller on eBay.
  • Any website which does not clearly state its complete legal company name, full address and telephone number.